Last Day On Earth Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Last Day on Earth is a chilling game which will keep you glued to your tablet or phone. You and your family have been left alone on the island. Each day, a new virus or plague is brought on the island. Your goal is to become the last man or woman. How do you accomplish this? Kill all your acquaintances one at a time. You still have the option of saving those that you care about the most. Every time you take someone out they will throw away all their belongings (clothes, weapons, fooditems, tools etc.) This information to design items that allow you to survive.

Isn’t that easy, isn’t it? The truth is, it’s… if… you know the rules. This is not a game for beginners. There are tons of “hidden deeps” in this game and many (most?) players will be unable to locate them all for long. Don’t think we didn’t warn you. Last Day on Earth’s island will be randomly generated each when you play. This means you’ll start each game with different set of materials. Every item you create are generated randomly. This gives a huge amount of replay value to the game.

You can also share your game’s progression on Facebook as well as Twitter, so your friends can enjoy the action! Highlights: Over 10 hours of playtime! * Unique game mechanics keep the action going at a an accelerated pace! You can also share your game through Facebook or Twitter! * An array of achievements! * Over 30 recipes to create!

Last Day on Earth is the game for you if you are seeking something that is simple to master and enjoyable to play.

Last Day on Earth is free to download via the Android Market.

Please note:

* Last Day on Earth is not intended for children under 13.

* This game has in-app purchases.*This game does not support tablets.

*This game requires an internet connection when playing online.

The world of Last Day on Earth is not a safe place to be. Everyday, the island is infected by an outbreak of a new plague or disease. You have to live for long enough to allow your family members to die. You can help the ones you love best, but they will drop all their stuff in the event of their demise.