Super Easy Ways To Handle Your Extra Mistplay

Choose a match

The competition is a section that’s still under construction and in which we could take part through tickets that we win from the matches. At the moment there isn’t any more information.

Now, it ought to be mentioned that the matches aren’t standard of Mistplay, but they cover you to download other programs and play together. You may think that there are already many programs of this design but this one has a peculiarity and this is that in every game you are able to find an exclusive CHAT where it’s possible to access codes, cheats and also meet people with the same tastes because Mistplay also has part of the social networking.



This stage is quite important and is that if you will begin playing or abandon the game to resume it afterwards, you’ll need to get it done from Mistplay. If you get the game independently, it will not count towards your PEJ points. Therefore you need to put in the app, search for the game and restart it. This manner Mistplay can track your usage of the outside game and if you are fulfilling the requirements.

Before we start, tell you that in the event that you’ve used an invitation connection like this, you’ll receive 250 points for your face. You also find additional points when you subscribe to their own YouTube channel, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

As you become more PEJ you will also level up. The longer time you play, the more opportunities you need to acquire stone and unlock the upcoming levels.

Mistplay is the normal program where you discover things as you use it. For example, the daily sport bonus that is divided to the seven days of this week. If you are able to play 7 days in a row for five or more minutes, then you may get two gems.

You have to visit the Games section and follow these steps.

Play from Mistplay

Bonus In this case we have chosen”State of Survival: zombie survival war” from the favorites department.


At first glance you can see how to make points, actually if you click on the information icon a separate message about the points multiplier will look. In cases like this, the things you receive thanks to the game multiply by x2.5. In the subsequent image it’s quite apparent that the more you play, the more points you’ll get. This game specifically the h ***, we are extremely cool.

Here is a good illustration of how to obtain a program from Mistplay and make points and gems. You will find a Menu in the base:

Apart from being a game program that lets us make money, it is also sponsored as a location where we can find friends with the same interests.

Bonus and Mistplay competition

Install the game